NYC Lacrosse


Students who participated in Bronx Lacrosse were not only more punctual to class, but had a fraction of as many absences as the general student population:

· On average, Bronx Lacrosse scholars had one third as many absences as the rest of the students at the Highbridge Green School.  

· On average, our Bronx Lacrosse scholars are more punctual than the general student population. Each player involved with Bronx Lacrosse was late an average of 4.9 times during the 2016-2017 academic year, compared to an average of 7.4 instances for the rest of the grade.

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· On average, Bronx Lacrosse scholars accelerated two total academic years of math, in the span of one year.

· In reading, Bronx Lacrosse scholars scored 9% higher than the average student and accelerated nearly two grade levels.

· Only 15% of the grade played lacrosse yet 36% of the most improved math students were Bronx Lacrosse scholars.

· Bronx Lacrosse scholars average was 16% higher than the rest of the school population on the math I-Ready Adaptive Diagnostic Exam.


*All statistics are from the Highbridge Green School (the first official partner of Bronx Lacrosse)