Paul Carcaterra's Hometown Lacrosse Camp


My name is Jimmy Cruz and I had the opportunity to attend Paul Carcaterra’s Hometown Lacrosse Camp earlier this summer. It was a really great camp, and I had a lot of fun during the days I was there. The coaches were really cool, helpful, and taught me a lot. They introduced me to drills I’ve never seen before, and set up cool games like braveheart and goalie wars. Also the kids were very nice, told me where to go, and explained to me how everything goes.

I feel the games were more helpful than the drills because the coaches gave everybody chances to play and they let you try whatever you wanted. I took advantage and went up the field and took a left handed shot. I feel like I took a lot out of that camp.

The entire experience was actually really great and new because I have never been to a camp like this before. This was the first time I got to step away from the city and go to a camp like Paul Carcaterra’s Hometown Lax.  I also got closer to my teammates that I went with. I actually want to thank Paul and the people that made this happen and I hope to go again next year.