Predators Lacrosse Camp


My name is Darius Voyd and I am going into 7th grade at the Highbridge Green School. Lacrosse is a sport if played well it can provide special opportunities that can get you places. You can get accepted to good colleges, but work and grades come first. This sport is a contact sport and fun. Lacrosse is all about fun and meeting new people. In order to play the game you have to understand how the game is played.

This summer I attended Predators Lacrosse Camp. What I did at Predators Camp was participate in scrimmages and make new friends. I met a friend named Mason and a lot of coaches. All of the coaches were nice and the team I was on was stacked (too good). I was on Ty-Ty Lax team. We won mostly all of our games.

What I learned at Predators Camp was to use my weak hand to throw and catch. I’m used to using my dominant hand and I had to learn to use my weak hand to become a better lacrosse player. It was hard at first but with practice it got a little bit easier. I learned a lot of good moves and how to shoot. I’m glad I got a chance to play a different sport other than basketball.

I would like to say thank you to my coach Dan Leventhal and the Predators staff for letting me be a part of camp and making me be a better lacrosse player. I hope to see you next year.