X10 Adirondack Overnight Camp


My name is Darlene Rodriguez and I had the opportunity to attend X10 Adirondack overnight camp this summer. It was honestly an amazing experience. I would have never imagined learning so many new things. What I liked most about the camp were the people around me. They not only showed me new skills in lacrosse but also made me see things differently for myself.

What I saw differently was that there wasn’t anyone who doubted themselves. I really didn’t have as much confidence as everyone else there, but then after I started hanging out with the girls, my confidence went up. For example, the lake was one of the activities that everyone really liked. At first I was all for it, but then I started doubting myself and feeling so scared, that I didn’t get to do anything fun in the lake. After a while, it was like my fear just disappeared and swimming in the lake was the most fun I’ve had in a while.



I would also like to point out that my counselors helped me out a lot throughout the camp and I can’t wait to see them next year. Something that I enjoyed were the girls that I got to bunk with. I’ve gotten so close with them and they even showed me how to make these cool bracelets and simple things that I would have never known without going to X10 Adirondack. I also got to perform in the camp talent show, where my friend Shayasia and I performed our step routine. We came in first place, which was one of the proudest moments for me. All this has just effected me in such a positive way, I’ll never forget the memories that I have made there with everyone!

I have never gotten an opportunity like this before. I’ve never really been to anything like it, which was a big deal for me. Now I get to show my new teammates, coaches, and everyone else what I’ve learned from camp. Such as learning how to use my weak hand and practice throwing and catching. I learned things that just made me an even better person, teammate, and player. I just wanted to thank the Bocklet’s, Mr. Leventhal, Bronx Lacrosse, and everyone else who helped me get to this amazing opportunity and new experience.