How Lacrosse Has Impacted My Life

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My name is Geremay Baez and I live in Highbridge, where all kids should be playing is basketball, baseball or football to fit in. I remember walking past the deli down the block with my lacrosse gear when a man asked me what "what sport is that gear for," I answered him "lacrosse.” After that, he gave me a whole speech of how I'm wasting my time with a sport that is gonna get me nowhere. The man said to me lacrosse doesn’t pay a lot of money to play like other sports such as baseball. I left to school because that day we were going to Fordham University for a clinic. When I got home I started thinking about what that man had told me that morning. I searched online how much money a lacrosse player makes and was very disappointed. I just thought to myself “is this really what I want to pursue?” I let what that man said get in my head and I started slacking off and missing lacrosse practices.

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A week later, I decided to go to the clinic at Cardinal Hayes High School where I met Tufts University Lacrosse players and Hayesmen. That’s when I realized why I joined lacrosse. I joined because it gives you the easiest way to college, something that not all sports can generate. I had a great time there. It would be something I won’t ever forget because it made me want much more in life, it made me never settle with the normal. Lacrosse in my eyes is better than any sport for the simple fact that if you play the sport the gate to college and more opportunities will always be there. Lacrosse is the golden ticket to success because no other sport makes me feel like I can make it out of this area...that I can be someone.